The Power of the Number 27

The 27s book explores the power of the number 27 through mathematics, astrology, and numerology. The power of the number three needs little explaining. Think of the Holy Trinity, fairy tales, and literature. In astrology there’s the well-known Saturn’s Return—a life-changing transformation, the fact that the sun rotates 27 degrees on its axis, and the moon’s lunar cycle. We plan on adding in-depth detail on each of these topics in the future, but in the meantime, The 27s book is your best resource about this and how it pertains to rock’s greatest phenomenon. Lastly, we delve into numerology.

Through a divine symbol known as the Tetraktys, the ancient Greek philosophers derived numbers whose relationships explained the solar system, seasons, geometry, the musical scale. The number 27 symbolized the ascent of the soul back to the creator. Keith Richards tells the story best:

Excerpt from The 27s—The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll