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As a big music fan and having a background in art, I definitely had to read this book when I came across it. I’ve read countless books relating to many of the artists featured in this book and find the beautiful mesh of fantastic artwork, 3-D surprises, and exceptional writing that brings this myth and its characters alive makes this one of my favorite books that I’ve read in the music genre recently. Mr. Hunter’s art truly brings Mr. Segalstad’s words alive with a vibe unlike any book you will pick up and highlights musicians that appeal across the ages.—Andrew from Thailand
I couldn’t put this book down, mainly due to the flow of the writing and the mass of intriguing information assimilated in this excellent work. There was also the delightful surprise of the quality of the artwork and the tactile pleasure in the touching and turning of the slick pages. I was fascinated with the numerology that the authors used for intelligent tie-ins to history, mythology and astrology. What makes my love of this book even more significant to me is that I’m not a hard rock fan beyond the Hendrix, Morrison, and Joplin era; but in reading this book,I realized that rock and roll lives (and dies with) and is reborn in generation after generation of those drawn to the flame of the art and ideals of rock and roll. The cover reads, “Created by Eric Segalstad and Josh Hunter.” Indeed.—Rebecca from Miami, Florida
Rock and roll can grab you in its teeth, gnash your heart to bits, open your mind so wide you can’t keep cultural debris out, change your way of thinking and dressing, make you reconsider the flowers mother says are poisonous. The great voices and minds of rock and roll wield a cultural power that is shamanic at its highest resonances. But to walk with these spirits, is to dance with death, to become an icon of your generation sometimes means staying there forever, being remembered in a bathtub in Paris or a plaid 90s sepulcher with syringes strewn about. Eric Segalstad’ s the 27s unabashedly, unashamedly and unrepentantly tells the story of these tragedies with sparkling language and beautiful illustrations. He uses insights into astrology and numerology to look into the roots and consequences of one of rock’s black magic numbers. This is a book like no other. While there are any number of books about Jim, Jimi, Janis and Curt, there are few that place them in the company of the other casualties of their age, others who did not get to step through the gates into adulthood. I found myself really thinking about my upcoming 27th birthday, about the trials artists go through and about the sort of person who would sing lyrics like “I wish I was like you, easily amused…” and “hey, wait, I got a new complaint”. This book shines, cuts and illuminates, all without saying that Jim Morrison was a six foot penis that penetrated the world til it went soft or turning into transparent DARE propaganda. That’s a true accomplishment. This book covers everyone from Robert Johnson, to Canned Heat’s Alan Wilson to Jeremy Ward of the Mars Volta. A must for any rock fan’s shelf. The upcoming hardcover will be a must for their coffee table too. —Garrett Cook from Chicago, Illinois
Have you ever got kinda sad while reading a great book, knowing that the ride will ultimately end in the pages to come? For me, The 27s is one of those books, and thankfully the ride does not have to end when the book does. The 27s is dripping with rich musical knowledge, and Segalstad directs readers to explore outside its pages by quoting lyrics, dropping influential song names, and embedding the text with web links. The art is also a whole other element, and now I feel I must go back and simply appreciate each page’s colorful canvas.
Segalstad & Hunter have created a new unique reading experience that appeals to those of us who not only want to read about music history, but be a part of it through a stunning multi-sensory experience.
Pick up this book and start your musical journey into the mystery that is The 27s!—DJ Tonybonez from Burlington, Vermont
I have read over a dozen books on musicians and musical periods over the last 2 years and I have to say that this book is a new and welcomed change. Upon receiving this, I immediately saw what a beautiful and colorful book it is. The illustrations and artwork are unique and captivating. The illustrations complement the writing to create a larger experience of your senses. There are also side bar captions and timelines throughout the book that allow anyone to pick up this book and just peruse it in a coffee table book type manner. I am only a quarter of the way into this thing and have thoroughly enjoyed and have learned quite a bit in the process.
I am looking forward to the rest of this book and plan on purchasing a few more of these as gifts for some musician friends and music lovers. I highly recommend this book!—John Murret from Denver, Colorado